Welcome to Epistle for Joy & Hope, a 21st century attempt at chronicalling my thoughts, beliefs, and observations for my beloved daughters, and any other wandering souls who may find themselves in this place.  Reflecting years ago with a friend of mine who happens to also walk a spiritual path, we surmised that our Christian teachings and Catholic history has been blessed with those who felt called to inscribe the events of their day for those to follow.  While I do not position myself with the same blessedly “called” writers like John, Paul, or Mark, I do embark on this venture with the same sincerity of heart and desire to please my God.

Epistle for Joy & Hope will offer timely spiritual narratives from me.  Along the way, it is my truest hope that when my days have come and gone, I can leave my Joy and my Hope a lasting legacy of their father’s love for life, love for love, and love for God.